car globally:
of course you must extricate frequent occurrence in experience dreams, because in such cases isn't go about dream symbol - if you really giving your car into service, buy or sell it, you been in accident and so on etc. As a dream symbol stays car only at that time, when isn't in no way adherent with your reality
colour of car in dream:
we are showing main possibilities, however meaning of given colour is as a rule only approximate and often uncertain, cp. also item colours in an dream
red car:
expect thrilling experience
blue or green car:
pleasant and undisturbed experience
white car:
yellow, orange car:
expect fever, evidently in personal relations
black car:
surprisingly it has no meaning, black color isn't always symbol of pitch, how do you maybe think
big, comfortable, expensive car:
don't overestimte your skills
peculiar type, which mismatchs of any known car, sort of automobile hybrid:
admit yourself, that you can't get satisfaction, look for it
go in a car:
some change in life is before you, but you doesn't know, if to better, caution could be handy
you see parked car:
your life is too calm and you don't like that, but you must consider well any change
car crash:
you live in some antagonism, which you don't solved yet, you can expect troubles, if you will not do something
broken car:
apparent failure, but in reality you will avoid bigger troubles by that you will not start something, which would be unsuccessfulness, dreamy thinking you by herewith picture don't trying disturb, but in his consequences on the contrary calming
you are driving car:
you have your arrangements fast in the hands
you are passenger in car:
don't let act another people instead you, even if they trying do best for you
you are driving and you have got passenger:
expect friendship
passenger is known to you:
this man/woman well deserve your familiar relation
car theft:
you are giving too little trust to yourself, you all the time are expecting disillusion or dirty trick, you overestimate jeopardy and acting under fear, barge, and things are going wrong because that
you want go forward, but car is going back:
you cannot park car:
you have too much confusions, get calm
car is rusty:
consider if you have got undertake that, which you are preparing
car with badly set handbrake is going all by itself:
you acting in haste, muddlesome, think of: look before you leap
car service station:
you really need rest
get into or out of car:
is time to change, start something new, if you are in love, it will not last long time, you think of it in a hurry and you have not big expectations
ride in a night:
you too after - suffer on huggermugger
ride in a night without lights:
you acting absolutely injudiciously and that is dangerous and harming